In the aftermath of the firing of Don Imus, some expressed the fear that his replacement would possibly be worse.

Well . . . why don't we campaign for somebody better? And we have a wonderful opportunity with MSNBC giving Stephanie Miller a try out three days up until Wednesday, May 2, in the old Imus slot. From what we've heard she has been hitting it out of the park with her delightful progressive wit.

So let's all fire up our keyboards and tell MSNBC she won the audition.

The right wing tries to argue that we're just against things, demanding to know what we're for. Here is a wonderful opportunity to tell MSBNC that we are STRONGLY for classy humor with a progressive political bite, which is perfectly representative of where the majority of America is at in their thinking right now. We can be proactive. We can promote better alternatives. And our voices really can break though in the media, if we just keeping speaking out.

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