By now it is clear to anyone not locked in the basement of Fox News that president Bush and his entire administration lied us into a disastrous, unnecessary, illegal and immoral war in Iraq. Not only did they lie, as demonstrated by the Downing Street minutes, they knowingly conspired in those lies. And they did so maliciously, cynically, and with the intent of enabling their personal business cronies engage in no-bid war profiteering, in effect to embezzle hundreds of billions of dollars from the federal treasury.

Moreover, when challenged on the biggest of those lies, that Iraq posed a nuclear attack threat to the United States, high level members of the Bush administration committed treason by exposing the identity of an important CIA operative whose dedicated life's mission was preventing the spread of the very weapons of mass destruction the Bush Administration had used against the American public as weapons of fear. And president Bush has protected the perpetrators of these acts, failing to remove them from their positions of trust as he represented he would do at the very minimum based on their manifest involvement.

Tell your Representative and both of your Senators it is time to impeach president Bush now!

You can call your members of Congress right now on one of these toll-free numbers, 800-828-0498, 800-459-1887 or 800-614-2803. There are operators on duty 24 hours a day. Just ask to be connected to your one of your senators or your house representative and they'll put you through.

Our members of Congress must be made to understand they can no longer defend the crimes of this administration against the people, and they will only get that message if you speak out now. Click to enter the pool to guess how many Bush Administration members will be indicted by Special Counsel Patrick Fitzgerald.

If you want to make sure your message gets through, the one click form below will send your personal message to your house representative and both of your senators, with the subject "Impeach president Bush." At the same time you can send your personal comments only as a letter to the editor of your nearest local daily newspaper if you like. Read our simple, comprehensive plan HOW we're going to impeach president Bush.


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All progressive blogs should FEATURE a prominent Impeach President Bush action center. If you have a web page of any kind, the absolute bare minimum is to have in the top fold of your main index page (if not on every page of your site) one of the toll-free Capitol telephone numbers (800-828-0498, 800-459-1887 or 800-614-2803), plus an exhortation to call your members of Congress specifically to oppose the war, and not in teeny-tiny type, but in large bold type that nobody could miss.

If you want to do more, we have a dedicated action page at that you can link to. It will send a personal message directly to both of your senators, and at the same time you can automatically send a Letter to the Editor of your nearest daily newspaper all with just one click. We will even set you up with the code to run a form parallel to ours on your own URL, using our server submission resources only in the background. Just email and it's yours in a matter of minutes.

In addition we have a free module that will instantly return the direct Washington phone and fax numbers of all your members of Congress at You can download the code right on the spot from that page and have the feature on your own site.

If you have a mailing list of any kind of your own opt-ins, do a mailing emphasizing the importance of this action and provide the toll-free number AND link to Direct email is one of the most effective tools for generating messages to Congress.


All progressive radio personalities should dedicate part of EVERY show to giving out the toll-free congressional phone numbers (currently 800-828-0498, 800-459-1887 and 800-614-2803) and to rally your listeners to take action on this. Don't just assume people know it already or can find it on their own. PROMOTE it. Talk is not enough, not even close. We must convert advocacy into ACTION. In the same way that a single run of an ad on your radio station will not have sufficient impact standing alone, you should make this a recurrent theme of your show.

At the same time you can give out the URL of the main action page,, or any other easy to say and remember web address you like, to get people to email or phone or fax their members of Congress. In addition all the other things above that apply to other web sites apply to you as well. Feature the congressional toll-free phone numbers and action links and do it prominently on your main page, your blogs, and ideally on ALL your pages at least in one of your side columns.

And as a listener of your favorite progressive radio show, call in. Encourage them to get on the case to give out the toll-free number, and to give out web links and post them on their sites. Talk about this on the air when they put you on. There is also a list of all the major progressive call-in talk radio shows on this page in the right column, together with the call-in numbers.


The most powerful single thing you can do personally is to call the offices of your members of Congress directly and tell them that they must heed the voice of the people. There are two toll-free phone numbers we have tested good recently, 800-828-0498, 800-459-1887 and 800-614-2803. They are answered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Otherwise use the Lookup Phones function at the top of this page to get all their direct phone and fax numbers, including all their district offices. Start with their Washington numbers, and if their message logs are full because it's at night or a weekend, go for the nearest district office, then follow up AGAIN with Washington first thing in the morning the next weekday.

Send the link for this page,, to all your friends and encourage them to also take action. It is only by engaging all our friends and neighbors that Congress will finally get the message.

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Call in to your favorite progressive radio stations and ask them to give out the alternate Senate toll-free phone numbers 800-828-0498, 800-459-1887 or 800-614-2803. Talk about the issue on the air yourself when you call. Click on the links below so you can listen to the shows and let them know you are listening.

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